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Stray Sheep Volume 5: Happy Angel cover

Stray Sheep Volume 5: Happy Angel

Release Information

Japan 24th December, 1999 (publisher: Meiyoutei)

Stray Sheep Volume 5: Happy Angel is the fifth in the Stray Sheep series of artbooks created by Umihara Kawase series character designer Toshinobu Kondo and released through his doujin circle Meiyoutei.

Happy Angel was released at Comic Market 57, held in December 1999, shortly before the release of Umihara Kawase Shun ~Second Edition~. As such, its first section is made up of artwork and sketches from and related to ~Second Edition~. Kawase herself also features on the cover of Happy Angel.

Other, non-Umihara Kawase related content in Happy Angel includes a section on Kondo's contribution to the Cyber Pretty Girl Support Textbook (電脳美少女応援読本), a trading card section, a DOS/V ISSUE section and a section on Kondo's Game-jin magazine related work, specifically his contribution to the To Heart Anthology+α book.