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UmiharaWiki is a wiki dedicated to the video game series Umihara Kawase, with the purpose of spreading the word about Umihara Kawase so that more people may find out about and get to enjoy these fantastic games. UmiharaWiki aims to be the number one English-language Umihara Kawase resource on the web, so game information and other content will always be added. We also love other games created by Studio Saizensen, so this wiki will also have information on some of them.

UmiharaWiki is the successor to the informational pages that previously existed on, originally created in 2014. While UmiharaWiki is still hosted on, the change to a wiki format was necessary to transform the informational pages into a resource that not only exists to inform potential new members of the community, but is created by the community.

Feel free to join us on Discord! Come in, and discuss the games (or anything else!) with fellow Umihara Kawase fans. Also be sure to tell your friends about us, so that this community may grow.