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Star Fox 2 Pro Tips

Started by Princess Rescuer, July 09, 2022, 02:29:26 PM

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Princess Rescuer

The Final Version of Star Fox 2 is now available- on SNES Classic, Switch, and even on an original cartridge. It's better than the Beta version, and also more challenging- your charge shots don't home in on enemies anymore. Cleaning up on all those missiles won't come so easy- it's not a matter of merely having the enemies onscreen anymore, and your bombs are limited. There is, however, a way to make them not limited.

This is best done when there aren't many bases left on planets, and no Battleships left. And on Expert, before the next three Bases appear. Enter a Planet, collect a Special Item or two, then exit. Hardly any total time will have elapsed, and you can do this a few times to have the maximum of 9 of whichever the item you last picked up was. If you have 9 bombs, you will quickly and easily beat Star Wolf members with just a few bombs each, which reduces risk and gives you ample time to stop attacks on Corneria. Bombs are also useful for Bases that have four separate targets in one core, and on groups of Missiles and Flotillas. At any time, you can also collect a single Heart or Shield to get one extra and change all of your Items into that thing. Even Expert Mode, while not effortless, will become much easier due to how much less scarce Items become. Missiles are easier to stop with Bombs, full-heals are plentiful with Hearts, and tight flying sections will become safer with more Shields.