Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels Speedrun Category: 9999950%

Started by Princess Rescuer, April 17, 2020, 07:20:39 PM

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Princess Rescuer

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is one of my favorite games. In fact, it is the game my name comes from. And here's a category that will greatly extend the gameplay and make a Super Player out of you.


1. No Koopa Grinding

2. No warps

3. No deaths prior to World 9

Once in World 9 (preferably with Fire Mario and at least 91 coins) the fastest method to reach the top score is to quickly go through the world, collecting every coin and fireballing every enemy until you reach the highest possible score. When you get it, lose all of your lives and stop the time when the title screen with "Top-9999950" appears.