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No 100% Run?

Started by Princess Rescuer, May 18, 2018, 02:20:52 AM

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Princess Rescuer

I have routed both All Unlocks in Sayonara Umihara Kawase and All Golden Arrows in the Original game. However, I haven't done an All Exits in Shun yet. Wanna know why?

Too Many Versions- There are several different versions of Shun, all of which would vastly change the All Exits Route, not to mention have varying degrees of length, difficulty, commonality, recordability, and modernity. By my estimation, the shortest, easiest, most watchable version of All Golden Arrows in Shun would be First Edition, a version so old and irrelevant that even Portable is more talked about than it is. Not only is First Edition significantly shorter and easier than all other versions, it being on an SD console means it's also the cheapest and easiest to buy and record. Other versions? They have exclusive fields, all of which add multiple routes and minutes to the run. For example, if you beat Field 55 in First Edition, you'll just be warped back to the beginning. Second Edition? You go to Field 56, where you can go in a door that leads to Field 0 or a door that leads to Field 57. Three extra fields might not sound like much, but in this game, it essentially means you'll have to reach the end of the game twice and seriously changes the overall route. Later versions get even more complicated with their own sets of exclusive fields, not to mention harder to record (the DS version comes to mind). This isn't so much a problem with the two other games- the first game is practically the same in all versions and strategies can be applied 1 to 1. Sayonara has the Vita and PC versions- which are so indisputably superior to the 3DS version, they're recognized as the definitive ones and the 3DS version was quickly forgotten. Shun, however, is an increasingly bloated game that keeps moving the goalposts and doesn't necessarily improve with every new iteration.

Too Complicated- Not only is Shun the hardest Umihara Kawase game, it's the most complicated. An All Golden Arrows run would involve far more resets and routes than the first game. And the resets and repetition in the first game were already an ordeal- remembering which fields you've done, knowing when to continue or soft reset, doing the tadpole 5 separate times not to mention the other two autoscroller bosses one time each, waiting for Field 28... there's a reason only I've done it at the time of writing. In Shun, though, pressing Start to skip the credits and left until you hit End on the high score screen might be faster than resetting and watching developer logos- or it might not, depending on the version. And when you're thinking about which fields to do on your next route, getting a high score might come as a surprise to you. It throws a wrench into an already complex and difficult run. Again, this wasn't an issue in Sayonara- the All Unlocks in that game flows much better due to lack of repetition and the fact that no hard or even soft resets are required. You don't even have to quit the file in that game. When running All Golden Arrows in any version of Shun, you have to think about the unique field layout and whether to reset or not when you complete a route. And it's not as easy to keep track of as the other two games.

Too Hard- The most minor reason, and negligible with enough practice, but Shun is the hardest Umihara game- and for a lot of the wrong reasons too. It's very big and labyrinthine, the physics are unforgiving, and some of the jumps and hooks are too precise. Just the thought of doing Field 42 to 50 multiple times in the same speedrun makes me shudder. Not to mention you start with fewer lives than in the first game and extra lives are much less plentiful than in Sayonara. And going back to "big and labyrinthine"- it will require the most Start/Survival routes in any of the three games, even in First Edition. Many of the design decisions are very restrictive and encourage caution, and the game feels like in the jump from cartridge to disc, they bit off more than they could chew.


Quote from: Princess Rescuer on May 18, 2018, 02:20:52 AMFirst Edition, a version so old and irrelevant that even Portable is more talked about than it is
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