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Umihara Kawase Hyper Technique cover

Umihara Kawase Hyper Technique

Release Information

Japan (ISBN 4-7962-0273-0) 29th March, 1995 (publisher: Scola)

Umihara Kawase Hyper Technique is a strategy guide book for Umihara Kawase. The first part of the book covers game techniques useful for progressing through the game, as well as boss strategies, 1-up backpack locations and a field chart; while the second part of the book is a short comic authored by Shouma Yamabuki, also the author of the Umihara Kawase manga released later in 1995.

Hyper Technique has 112 pages in total: 70 pages for the strategy guide, and 40 pages for the comic, with a mail-in questionnaire separating them.

Thanks to nathan for the cover scan!