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Umihara Kawase Fresh!

Release Information

Japan Nintendo Switch (TSA-HAC-AQW8A-JPN) 25th April, 2019 (publisher: Success)

United States Canada Nintendo Switch - 9th July, 2019 (publisher: Nicalis)

Europe Australia Nintendo Switch eShop - 9th July, 2019 (publisher: Nicalis)

Umihara Kawase Fresh! is the fourth and newest game in the Umihara Kawase series, released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Rather than the stage-based approach of previous games in the series, Fresh! features a quest-based system across a connected map, and Fresh!, in a first for the series, has an in-game story.

In a departure from previous Umihara Kawase games, Kawase has a life bar, so she can take damage from enemies without dying. Kawase also has a hunger bar; besides the life bar decreasing when damaged, if her hunger bar is empty, her life bar will deplete until it is empty. Once the life bar is emptied due to hunger, Kawase will not immediately lose her life, but can't take any more damage without dying, unless her life bar is restored.

Kawase will learn recipes as progress is made through the quest mode, and various ingredients are found throughout the game world. Eating food will restore part of Kawase's life and hunger bars, and may also grant a status enhancement, depending on the food eaten. Status enhancements available include reduction of damage taken, increase of movement, and increase of lure range.

Collectible backpacks make a return in Fresh!, scattered throughout the game world. In Fresh!, they can be used to save a quest's progression at a camping area. If the quest is failed, it can be retried from the camping area. There is no limit on the number of retries; repeated retries of a quest from a single camping area will not use more than one backpack. Creating a new save point at another camping area, though, will use another backpack.

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