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PururunTimer ~Umihara Kawase~ screenshot

PururunTimer ~Umihara Kawase~

Release Information

System: Android 2.1 or newer
Released: 5th October, 2011 (publisher: Studio Saizensen)

PururunTimer ~Umihara Kawase~ is a timer application made for Android devices, which was available for free download from the Google Play Store. It has preset options for one minute, ninety seconds, two minutes and three minutes, or you can enter a custom timer. You can even choose to show the current date and time, rather than a timer, or, if you don't choose any timer or date options, none of those will be shown at all.

Whatever you choose, artwork of Kawase will be shown on the screen as well - the same artwork used on the cover of Umihara Kawase Shun ~Second Edition~ Kanzenban. With gyroscopic functionality, moving your device around will make Kawase rotate slightly, creating a sort of 3D effect.

By default, when the timer runs out, your device will vibrate, and make no alarm sound. Vibration can be disabled in the options, however, and an alarm sound can be enabled - there are three options for an alarm sound, but the first two options were disabled on my devices.

The app was designed to run on phones. It will still run on an Android tablet, but may have some issues which do not appear when running the app on a phone.

Ultimately, since Android does have its own timer within the Clock app, the only reason to download this particular timer is if you specifically want an Umihara Kawase timer. But if you do specifically want it, it's a pretty cool thing to have!