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Strange Door in Stage 19

Started by Vanat6, June 04, 2017, 08:50:48 AM

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I'm currently trying to play each level in order, but I've hit a snag, I can't find the door to level 20.  In level 19 there's red door with a light over it that sits in the middle of the stage.  Just above that door is two pencils, a red one and a green one.  All signs point to there being some sort of trigger or mechanism that gains you access to the door but whatever that is, I'm not seeing it.  I've tried hitting various walls and part of the level, hitting all the switches, and so on, but no luck.  Not even runs of Stage 19 I've found on YouTube show how to access the door, just how to clear the level.

Anybody know what needs to be done, to change the red door's light to green?


There's no trigger to unlock anything there; there's only one exit in stage 19.

If you're playing the Vita or PC versions, unfortunately this is where it becomes impossible to play each stage in order: while in the 3DS version stage 20 does follow 19, in the newer versions stages 53 and 56 were placed in-between the two.


That'd explain it, because I am playing the Vita version this time around.  Didn't think they'd switch up the level placement though, that's strange.