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Favourite Shun fields?

Started by KawaseFan, November 01, 2016, 09:24:37 AM

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I can't say I have an absolute favourite, but lately I've been enjoying field 44.  Either swinging my way around the bottom and right, or going top-left and taking out the shark near the edge for a much faster time, I like it.

Which are your favourite Shun fields, and why?


So I think I've got a biased preference either to the 41 or 56 field. The Tamagawa theme is just way too good and nothing else comes into comparison really, love how 41 is this sort of secret thing where it's really hard to get through 27 and then you get this super spacious field. Also I never understood why there's the conveyor belt in 56, would be interesting to see how the developers imagined it to be used.

Other than that I wouldn't consider any fields weak except 52 where it really feels like a last minute addition but except for that I feel like Shun has the most fun fields overall.

EDIT: typos and stuff, was pretty "snockered" when I wrote it originally