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Lore and canon of Umihara Kawase

Started by blobeee, September 18, 2016, 05:31:12 PM

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Please can you help me understand the backstory and lore of Umihara Kawase?  :-\

Where can I find information regarding the canon?

Which resources and materials should I look up?

Please help!


It's been noted officially that Umihara is a chef and that the games are set in her imagination, but besides that and the character profiles in Sayonara, there isn't really that much.

There is one old backstory (discussed in this thread), but I don't think that ever counted as the 'official' story.  It's still interesting, though.


Thanks so much for your help!

summer kawase

well if you play blade strangers story mode, kawwase is stated to be sushi chef who aspires to be great like her farther was .
but during summer kawase story its revealed that og kawase is a manifestation of her pain.(implied to be the lonelyness of her quest to find the best ingrident  and abandondment from her farther) the truth behind  door shes constanly looking for is revealed to  actually to a family meal of her mothers nostalgic cooking with her farther there.

things we can guess, the sureal backgrounds of the games and quest to get to doors and bizare fish enenmies seem to be representations of her psyche,
the summer kawase/origonal kawase interactions in blade strangers  reminds me of carl jungs idea of the shadow.
her constant battle of reaching impossible doors that lead to more sureal dreamscapes seems like her subconcious or dreaming mind trying to cope with her past trauma or prehapse run away from it .

ofcourse the over arching story set up of blade strangers is a bunch of different simulated reality merging in a big crisis(classic cross over fighting game trope) so im not calling this overtly cannon. even young emiko meets full grown kawase and fights her because she only knows young kawase,
but its a great insight into an implied lore from the developers .
kawase for smash