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Wii Sports Boxing Speedrun

Started by Princess Rescuer, August 04, 2016, 06:26:30 PM

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Princess Rescuer

There have been speed runs for Wii Sports Golf, but never any of the other sports on the series. Wii Sports Boxing (original) is a good contender. The run would be starting once you press the Okay button and first go to the ring, and ends when you press Quit after defeating Matt for the first time.

Wii Sports Boxing is a good choice for a speed game- it's fast and skillful, not to mention accessible and inclusive. It's not like you'll need to own the South Korean version for optimal times- all the regions are equal as far as I can tell and won't require any imports or home brews, nor will copies be particularly expensive in general due to the game's popularity. It just requires a Wiimote with full battery, a Nunchuk, a Wii (or preferably a Wii U, to reduce slowdown) and a copy of the game for whatever region the console is. A reasonably good player should beat two hours, and a great player should beat 90 minutes or maybe even 1 hour. This can be done with any Mii, but I prefer using a Guest due to the lack of saving. If you want a specific Mii you created, use the Mii channel to keep duplicating and deleting them, though this will take more effort.

Here's the strategy: try to hit your opponent as many times as possible in as short an amount of time as possible. Doing the slow motion dodge maneuver is safer, but more time consuming. And don't lose. If you get the feeling that you're about to lose, you can restart that match. That's not technically cheating. Also, if you barely win in the final round, you can even lose points. If this happens against Matt, it's no big deal.

Have fun!