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What are you watching?

Started by KawaseFan, October 07, 2014, 01:54:33 AM

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What TV shows or movies have you been watching recently?

Right now I'm on my lunch break at work and we're watching Scrubs.  It's nice to watch it again, it's been a while.


Love Scrubs.

Currently watching "The Blacklist" on Netflix. Didn't like it the first episode but it started getting pretty good. Last anime I watched was Barakamon, highly recommend if you're into that kind of stuff. Also, any Marvel movies.


I had just finished getting all caught on Legend of Korra. I'm about eight episodes behind on One Piece as well, I need to get on that.

I'm thinking about re-watching The Office and Breaking Bad.


I still need to start watching The Blacklist and Breaking Bad.  Barakamon sounds interesting, I'll have to watch that.

At the moment I'm watching Azumanga Daioh.

Electric Lady

Another one for One Piece. I read up through Alabasta and started watching it from there. I've been watching it with a friend who's seen the whole thing and knows what's skippable filler and what's good stuff.

I feel bad for not doing it sooner. Arlong Park is one of the best arcs I think I've read in any graphic novel or comic so I didn't believe my friend when he said the future arcs were even better. Water 7 is blowing me away right now and I'm really looking forward to Enies Lobby.

I also watch WWE because I like being disappointed. Dean Ambrose (my favorite guy on the roster right now) is finally hitting it big, but on RAW last monday they announced he would have a match with John Cena at the next pay-per-view, and the winner gets to (pretend to) fight Seth Rollins in a cage. They both have legitimate feuds with him, but I'm concerned that Cena is going to bury someone else's fire - and an actual heated feud, again.

Might not watch next week. Todd Chrisley, the reality-show psycho who puts tracking devices on his kids' cars, is guest starring. Someone get back to me when they start hitting each other with stuff really hard again...


I'm going to update my answer--

lately all of my focus has been catching up on Arrow, and watching Agents of SHIELD and Constantine weekly. Once I get all caught up on Arrow I'll start on Flash as well.


My brother tells me Arrow is pretty good, I might have to check it out.

Recently, I've been trying to catch up on House of Cards.  I'd watched the first few episodes ages ago and liked it, but sort of forgot about it for a while.