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Other games from Studio Saizensen

Started by sol-alpha, July 17, 2016, 01:13:59 AM

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Originally this was to bring up games being released on Steam from Studio Saizensen due to recent news today. However, I felt we may as well bring up their past games in case they happen to reappear on Steam or other platforms as shown in today's earlier news I read.

First, I'll mention their first game to come out on Steam (published by Degica Games) after the Umihara Kawase games got re-released on Steam.

Code of Princess
Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/408640

A beat em' up/RPG game whom it's gameplay is inspired by Treasure's Guardian Heroes. Referring specifically to the RPG elements and plane switching (3 positional lanes in foreground/mid/background)
Aside from the main characters in the game, the game features many optional characters to play with, eg. A villager, or a dragon. (If I remember correctly)
The steam version of the game features online PVP play and co-op questing.
One of the staff to note who worked on the game is Kinu Nishimura, she worked as writer and artist on the game according to the wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_Princess
Here is a blog from Degica Games detailing who she is: http://blog.degigames.com/degigames/who-is-code-of-princess-artist-kinu-nishimura/

Code of Princess originally released on the Nintendo 3DS published by Agatsuma in Japan and Atlus in NA/Europe
The game is available for download on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop in NA/Europe.

To note, the game does have a small internal resolution. So it looks better to play on the Nintendo 3DS but suffers frame-rate slow down during gameplay so for those people like me who'd prefer a smooth frame-rate with no slow down should play the PC version on Steam.

Also, the Steam version of the game features Japan only Voice Acting where as the NA/Europe Nintendo 3DS version of the game features English Voice Acting due to Atlus's involvement in bringing the game overseas.

I may update the game here with further information.


Now to bring us to today's news. http://blog.degigames.com/steam/blade-arcus-from-shining-battle-arena-coming-soon-to-steam/

Studio Saizensen is Publishing Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena on Steam.

Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena
Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/446040
Releasing on July 28th/July 29th on Steam, click link as the date varies by your timezone.

According to the announcement, this is Blade Arcus's first debut in English and for PC. The game was published by Sega in arcades and this is a fighting game featuring characters from Sega's Shining series, specifically Shining Hearts and Shining Blade.

I'll have more to describe this game when it comes out on Steam so that I get a chance to play it. So just look at Degica's blog link I posted for more information.


As said, I originally wanted this thread to bring up other games from Stuidio Saizensen coming to Steam, seeing as they are ports of already existing games. I may as well post links here of games or works they've been involved in.

From their company website: http://www.saizensen.co.jp/index.htm#gamebar

They list their works as according to google translate: (Source may have errors or not be up to date, they don't list all their works hence their use of "etc")
Blade Arcus from Shining (Arcade)
Exstetra (PS Vita/Nintendo 3DS)
Code of Princess (Nintendo 3DS)
Shining Hearts (PSP)
Doki Doki Poyatchio (PS)
Shaman King than-Uranaikotoryakuke' Series (GBA)
Stellvia (GBA / animation)
Fafner (anime)
Maho Sensei Negima! (Anime)
Shaman King card game than-Uranaikotoryaku determined (TCG)

The only other source I could find that can list their games is from Giant Bomb: http://www.giantbomb.com/studio-saizensen/3010-6946/
In that link, games listed aside from ones mentioned above (and the Umihara Kawase games):
Glory of Heracles (Nintendo DS)
Shinseiki Evangelion Mahjong Hokan Keikaku (Gameboy Color)


Seeing from that list, I noticed Glory of Heracles (Turn-based RPG), I have seen the game but I never played it. Seeing as it is published by Nintendo, I doubt it will ever come to Steam however, since it is published by Nintendo and released in NA, Nintendo do have a Nintendo DS Virtual Console so there is that small chance they could release in on the Virtual Console. Otherwise, I do see the game listed on Ebay although, I'm not really in the position to buy the game for the prices listed due to shipping costs.

If you want to post any summaries/descriptions of games from Studio Saizensen like I did, then go ahead and post in the thread.


I am noting that Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena will come out on Steam in 15 hours. Since Studio Saizensen is publishing the game. They now have a Twitter account @saizensen_EN https://twitter.com/saizensen_en

I don't know who runs it, keep in mind that Twitter accounts like these are for social media/PR purposes. (Promoting their products) I don't think you'll get to request particular things from them.

They also have an English website from help with Degica games. http://saizensen.degicagames.com/
The site looks like it is still under construction because it doesn't work well on mobile.

Edit: Now that I've seen it on desktop, I can see the site is up but, it will have new things added over time.

QuoteAbout Studio Saizensen
Founded in 1997, we are a Japanese Game Development company known for the Umihara Kawase trilogy of puzzle/platformers as well as RPG Exstetra, RPG/beat-'em-up Code of Princess, and more.

Over the coming weeks we'll be updating this section with more info on the team and maybe even some pictures!

Somewhat glad reading the word puzzle/platformer there as I remember reading a review or two mistakenly label the game as being action.