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TECH Magazine promotional fields

Started by Princess Rescuer, July 06, 2016, 06:03:01 PM

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Princess Rescuer

TECH Magazine, an obscure magazine for PS1 games had a series of demo discs devoted to Umihara Kawase Shun. One of them has a handful of fields from the final game, but others contain sets of three magazine-exclusive fields, each with the purpose of teaching a specific skill. Strangely, these fields haven't made it into any other release of the game. Not Second Edition, not Kanzenban, not even the PC version! If there is ever an ultimate trilogy edition, these need to be included in it. In the meantime, where can I buy them? Are they rare or expensive? They're just a few easy fields each, but they'd make for some good collectibles.


I don't see them for sale very often.  I'd say the best place to keep an eye out would be Yahoo Auctions; the last two times I've seen any of the discs for sale were there.  That said, I do regularly search there for Umihara items, and will post about it whenever I see them.


Normally I'd post this in the eBay/Yahoo Auctions thread, but since you've asked specifically about where to buy TECH PlayStation CDs, I'll post it here this time.

TECH PlayStation CDs up on YJA - June through to October 1997.  The June-August CDs would be the ones with the bonus fields, and September has a lot of time attack / super play replays which can be saved to a memory card.  I don't have the October CD, so I can't say exactly what's on there, but the description is suggesting that it may have more replays.  If someone from this site buys this, please tell me what is on there, so I can put it on this site's Shun TECH PlayStation extra content information page.

Bidding starts at ¥3,500 and ends in six days.

EDIT: Sold for ¥5,255.

Princess Rescuer


Thank you kawasefan,I was able to bid successfully in the auction.

I will bring it to the kawase-meeting of the autumn.
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