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RIP Agatsuma Entertainment

Started by badlose, December 11, 2015, 09:53:54 PM

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Get a different publisher, hopefully. Plenty of them knocking around... the question is whether they'll take on titles like Umihara Kawase. I love the games to bits, but they're the dictionary definition of "niche games".

It's a shame as I think the "long tail" potential for Steam sales of Umihara Kawase is probably pretty good - I doubt their day-one sales figures for any of the recent Steam releases were anything more than a trickle, but they're the kind of quirky, really unique games people will be discovering for years to come, and it's great that there's a proper way to get hold of them on a modern system without fiddling around with ROMs and emulators and all that.

I just hope this doesn't affect their availability on Steam.


Quote from: Alc on December 12, 2015, 09:43:08 AM
I just hope this doesn't affect their availability on Steam.

Unfortunatelly it did, the games got pulled off the Steam Store. I've heard they are still buyable on Humble Store and Green Man Gaming though.

They can be pulled off eShop and PSN any time now, except for Yumi's Odd Odyssey - it was published by Natsume, not Agatsuma, so it should be fine.

We can only hope they'll find a different publisher who brings the games back.


The games are gone from the Humble store now.  Green Man Gaming still has SFC and Sayonara listed.  Shun is no longer available to buy at all.

It appears that, for now, Sayonara+ is still up on the PSN stores, and 3DS Sayonara is still on the European/Australian eShop.  As Piku said, though, they could be removed at any time, but the North American eShop release shouldn't be going anywhere.

Anyone wanting the PC versions of SFC and Sayonara should try Green Man Gaming while they still have the games listed, and anyone wanting to buy any other digital release of Sayonara that is not the North American 3DS version should do so now.


Anyone know if the scoreboards are dead?


I was playing Shun about nine hours ago and the rankings were still working.  I will check the other games in the next few hours and update.
EDIT: Just checked all the PC versions and rankings were still working.

The games are gone from Green Man Gaming now.  If anyone knows of anywhere else they might still be available, please let us know.