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Started by Alc, May 09, 2015, 08:50:24 PM

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So after 60 attempts at level 35's jump pads, with probably 55 of those dying at the first set of spikes, I was starting to get a bit frustrated. Shortly after, I found level 44, which has an area that seems designed to let you experiment with the jump pad physics. Spent a few minutes there getting a feel for it and then nailed 35 afterwards, first time.

Any other tips for newcomers to Sayonara would be very welcome.


I just discovered the "classic" controls option, which put up + left / up + right throws on the L/R shoulder buttons. I find this helps tremendously with having fewer mis-aimed throws.

As soon as you have Emiko or Child Kawase unlocked, go to profile and switch to them. They get a one-use checkpoint at various locations throughout levels. Very useful against bosses, and for other purposes, because the checkpoint is really a teleport on death, doesn't reset the level. E.g. stage 24 has a backpack that's very difficult to get and also finish the level with, but with the checkpoint you can grab it and die, then go to the easy door from the checkpoint.

I personally haven't found the time-stop ability, or Noko's time-slow ability useful at all. Does anyone else use these?

(I might not be the best person to give advice. I'm not great at the game; but i'll probably manage to beat it eventually.)

(Also, wow your post was from May. Probably everything is irrelevant now for you ha ha. :P)


That all pretty much mirrors my experience of the game. I cheesed some backpacks with Emiko back when I was playing the Vita version, but did it "legit" for the PC release by playing as the default character for everything, I think.

I wondered whether newcomers used the time-stop feature at all, I never did, but that was more out of laziness to adapt than anything else. I can remember thinking that I should get my head around it, but never did...


Some other tips that I think would have helped me, now that I've played it a lot more:

Getting stuck on corners trying to pull yourself over with the rope: just release the rope as you're moving upward along the wall. You'll catch the edge more easily when your hands aren't busy holding the rope. You also might be able to just fling yourself all the way up and avoid the climb.

Almost always you want to release the rope when you're moving upward, wait until after the "bounce". If you're already moving downward when you release, it's very hard to catch anything else with the rope as you fall. This is very important when trying to move along the ceiling.

If you're swinging wildly, spend some time calming it down by holding left or right against the swing.

When swinging, press down when approaching the point of bouncing and you'll accelerate rapidly. This is critical for building up speed on a swing, pulling in the rope is the best way to give your swing a boost. Also note this effect seems a little bit stronger when the swinging length of rope is shorter- for some of the longest jumps, you don't want to have your rope all the way out.

When you get used to pulling the rope in to boost the bounce of your swing, and to the timing of the bounces, you can easily travel along ceilings and up vertical walls.

The "rocket jump" technique: throw your lure at the floor, and stand a few steps away from it holding the rope. Hold down to start reeling it in, and just as you start to get dragged by it, jump and start running. You can get a really good starting speed on a run this way, similar to jumping onto a slope. There are many challenges in the game that are best approached with this technique.

Read the "walkthrough tips" in the gallery (you'll find it in the menu on the map screen). All of it is important information.

The first 10 stages have a "stage tutorial" replay that you can watch (menu on the map screen). These can be very helpful when learning.