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Controls: 3DS v. Vita

Started by mobilesworking, April 29, 2015, 06:46:26 PM

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For those of you who've played both YOO and SUK+, which controls better? Do you find that the circle pad is better, worse, or no different from the Vita's d-pad? I ask because I find the d-pad a bit cramped, which makes it difficult to pull off quick changes in direction. Then again, I'm a first-time Kawase player, so this may just be down to inexperience.


I can't speak specifically on the circle pad since I never used it, but I do prefer the Vita's d-pad over the 3DS.

It's possible that how you feel about the d-pad is due to inexperience, but all I can say is to keep practicing and improving.  I know that doesn't sound like an incredibly helpful thing to say, but with time you definitely do notice how you're improving.


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Quote from: KawaseFan on April 30, 2015, 01:30:08 PM
but with time you definitely do notice how you're improving.

Indeed, I've seen the truth of this in my relatively short time with the game. From zero experience, I've completed 42/60 stages and collected 34/45 backpacks. I've spent about 14 hours with the game, which includes some survival challenge runs.


Vita's d-pad is without a doubt better. That (and the 60fps) were the main reasons I was excited to get a different version of the game.

And gori.sh, that is beautiful.


I had troubles executing the various techniques like i did in Suk, but it was probably due to the 60fps (it seems like i'm used to it now). The d-pad causes much less pain than the 3ds's but is a bit too close to the analogue stick (gori.sh, removing it is definitely a good idea).


I got both versions. I like both, but I find myself playing the 3DS version more because it's basically  the Vita version on steroids if that makes sense :3