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Started by Princess Rescuer, August 03, 2022, 08:05:29 PM

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Princess Rescuer

We've been through a lot in this game- discovering that the High Score can be at least 500,000, all 60 Exits can be cleared within a couple of hours of each other, and that every Exit can be reached without using the Jump button- and even a few can be completed without the Hook. Let's take it easy on ourselves.

The game is out on Switch VC in Japan, and there's a possibility that it could reach other regions soon. This will be the most available it's ever been since the PC version- and it's much more likely to find an audience on the Nintendo platform. Lots of new players will have a chance at no extra cost if they already have a subscription (and if they already have one, starting a Japanese account is free and requires no extra subscription). This will be their first time, and they will be surprised at the game's steep challenge curve. Personally, I think waiting out the half-hour time limit is slow and it would be quicker to practice and get better. But if you're new and bad and that's not an option, what is the easiest path you can take to victory?

The rules are simple- find the easiest path you can take to the exit in an End Field. Using the time limit is allowed. Rewinds and Savestates de-legitimize a run.

You would think, Shortest Path, right? Shortest Path is a good choice, but it's a bit steep. We can do better than that. Shortest Path is mis-named, because there are indeed even shorter ones. Entering the 11-12 or 12-36 Exits will take you straight to Field 55. Getting to Field 36 and taking the 45 Exit after half an hour will take you straight to 57. I would not recommend either of these- in Field 11, taking the Field 18 Exit takes you to Field 28. The Field 8 Exit does the same after the Tadpole (not that hard, you'll get used to it). Both are better options and easier Exits to get to.

We're still not done. The beginning part of the Longest Path, that is 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 28, is still better. Not only are these Fields easier (the left path on 2 is intended for more experienced players), but you have 3 opportunities for extra lives before the Warp. The 55 Warp gives you 1, the 11-8 Exit gives you 2, and the 11-18 gives you 2 also, but only if you still have enough time for Field 18 (which you should, as you would have to lose a life to warp that early). The Longest Path beginning offers you 3 before 8-14 ( you can't Warp until you at least clear Field 8 ) and you can be pickier about which Fields you wait beside the door in and which ones you complete faster. Even for a beginner, the time limits are quite generous, especially in the earlier Fields. In fact, this is the route I used to beat the game for the first time. We all have to start somewhere.

If you have a better option for new players, post it here!