Deathless High Score Runs

Started by Princess Rescuer, February 06, 2018, 05:00:36 PM

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Princess Rescuer

High Scores in Umihara Kawase are my favorite category. However, they may prove too repetitive and tiring for many. I present a new category: Deathless High Score Runs. Not as long, and with more challenge and variety. May even have new routes as well. Like before, scores must be proven with unedited videos.

Princess Rescuer

I did another and got 74,712.

Also, I retroactively re-scored a deathless variation of my 402115 by cutting out all 18 attempts of Field 57 that end in running out of time (where only the last one succeeds) and came up with a 56,503, almost one full life of 57 below my PB. And there were fields in my first completed run where I do better than in my second (unlike the regular ones) meaning a 425K in regular is possible and I can also PB even with one major mistake.

Princess Rescuer

100K confirmed possible on Deathless. I was pseudo-TASing on Switch and entered Field 57 with 85,000 points. I easily reached 100K before the timer turned red.