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High Score IL Runs

Started by Princess Rescuer, July 26, 2022, 10:33:00 PM

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Princess Rescuer

Are High Score runs too long and tedious for you? How about Deathless High Score Runs? Still too long? Here's an idea: High Score IL Runs.

Here's how it works: You do a High Score Run on each of the game's 49 Fields. Your best score on each Field adds up to your Total. The different Exits don't matter, nor do extra lives, since they don't add points to your Score. Your PB on each Field adds up to your Total. Also, you must go through one of the Field's Exits (doesn't matter which) to make the Score count. As long as you don't lose a life or run out of time and go through a door, even with 0:00 on the Timer, it counts. I thought about having separate LBs for each Field, but there'd be a lot of unbreakable Ties, so I just decided to have one added-up Total for each player, as well as all WRs.

You can't just grind- only your best score will count obviously. So if you get 5000 and then 5200 on the same Field, you will only add 200 not another 5200.

This challenge will make the tedious High Score challenge much more palatable- and it will open it up to the rest of the game outside the Longest Path.

In order to count IL Scores on something that isn't the Vita or the PC, if your starting score isn't 0, subtract the starting score from the ending score. All versions are viable for this challenge. Since the Switch has savestates and rewinds, all ILs must be fully recorded from the pre-Field number blinking to the Exit.

Until we meet again!

Princess Rescuer

Here's an example. It's a rough run, but it gets the job done. 4518 on the first level, Field 00.