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Umihara speedrun at AGDQ 2015

Started by Nicole, January 07, 2015, 02:09:29 PM

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So it turns out there's an Umihara Kawase run scheduled at AGDQ 2015 (a speedrunning marathon fundraising for charity) about 11 hours from now!

In addition, there's actually an Umihara reproduction cart (with the English-translated menus) available in a drawing which you can enter into if you donate at least $10 USD during the run, though... I dunno, I'm not too huge on how it looks? Something more like the authentic SFC cart would've been better, I think. Well, regardless, the money's going to a good cause either way.

Anyway, if you want to catch it live, I'd refresh the schedule occasionally to keep an eye on it. Run lengths can definitely drift quite a bit from the estimated times, so Umihara could certainly end up quite a bit earlier or later than currently scheduled. I'd definitely be watching the stream during the tail end of Kirby Super Star, at least.


I'd love to watch it live, but I'll be at work!  Oh well, if they make it available to watch later I'll have to see it.


Haha, that was kinda painful to watch. You can tell he's really good, just so many unlucky mistakes.


Quote from: Nicole on January 08, 2015, 05:38:52 PM
Here's a video of the run (starts at about 1:40).
Awesome, thanks!
Quote from: badlose on January 08, 2015, 09:53:54 PM
Haha, that was kinda painful to watch. You can tell he's really good, just so many unlucky mistakes.
True.  Oh well, at least he still made it within the five minutes.


I had to stop watching after F2 ._.

Still kudos to the guy for getting UK run on AGDQ tho


Why can't she pronounce the name? (It's not like she had to say Sayonara umihara kawase chirari! ). Still enjoyable despite the mistakes.


You can watch him get 2:12 here:
Pretty respectable time. Shame it wasn't picked up by any other streamers at the time; an influx of new players would be great.