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Started by Princess Rescuer, February 23, 2022, 11:34:58 PM

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Princess Rescuer

In 2013, a popular gaming YouTuber named WhoIsThisGit made a video called "The Most Powerful Characters in Gaming Ever #12. In it, he went over two levels featuring extraordinarily durable characters in Goldeneye- Alec Trevelyan in Cradle, and Baron Samedi in Egypt, first going over how strong they are in the 00 Agent difficulty (the hardest regular difficulty) and then the special 007 mode with a new challenge where you drag the red crosshair all the way to the right of the screen while holding A to ensure that each of the four stats, Enemy Health, Enemy Damage, Enemy Accuracy, and Enemy Reaction time. The former two can go up to 1000% while the latter can only go up to 100%. Still, this creates the most deadly enemies in the game. After decades of James Bond audiences used to him easily taking down powerful bad guys and their minions, DLTK is an interesting role reversal.

In particular, Git greatly struggles with both levels, mostly Cradle. On both 00 and DLTK, he uses Invincibility. He has a sped-up video where he chases Alec around for nearly 20 minutes dual-wielding Magnums, only able to barely scratch him on every pass. Adam Bozon, earlier that year, has proof of being able to beat this challenge, without cheats, in less than a minute. Git would probably be convulsing on the ground if he saw it. And in (January) 2020, Eric Liikala improved the time even further with a new strategy that makes killing Alec with enemy grenades from below the control console room more consistent.

DLTK is a challenge that began to be taken seriously in 2004 (or earlier). Since then, all 20 levels have been completed on DLTK. Despite how popular of a game Goldeneye is, however, very few people care about it. Only 11 people have completed Train at the time of writing. Despite how much more there is to improve and how much freer the WRs are, DLTK remains unpopular because levels take longer, attempts can end with a death very easily, and well, it's boring. The levels on this difficulty require much more commitment.

DLTK has completely disappeared from James Bond games since. Even The World is Not Enough didn't have it, with 00 Agent as its highest difficulty. Perfect Dark did have its own DLTK, but with compromises. First off, in that game, headshots and unarmed beatdowns are instant eliminations. And there's also the fact that the pause system is more convenient... TOO convenient, allowing you to pause, unpause, pause, unpause, pause, unpause, pause, unpause to line up shots easily and with little urgency. I'm not even certain the upcoming remaster on the Switch and Xbox Series consoles will include it- despite the fact that it's an insignificant mode to the overall 100% completion and it was already included in the original. Maybe the XBLA one from 2007 just wasn't finished. Or maybe they'll patch it back in if it's not included in the initial release?

DLTK is only possible on all levels because of the dated, crappy AI, who you trick and exploit in order to win. Normally, you run past enemies or tear through them, but in DLTK, each enemy is a threat, so you must outsmart them. Stun-locking them with Slaps is one idea, but it leaves you vulnerable to an attack from one of his mates. Instead, you need to utilize blockades, explosions, throwing knives, enemy gunfire, and anything else you can use to your advantage without wasting too much ammo. And you will need to be VERY patient.

One way to get better is to practice with Enemy Damage at 0%. Or incrementally increase the Enemy Health and Damage until you're at 1000 at your own pace, then keep 1000 once you're capable of completing that level with it. Another way to practice is with cheats that enable weapons not available in the level, to get through it more easily and teach you things about enemy placement and behavior, which you gradually improve out of.

For example, in Bunker 2, you have the example of using barriers and explosions to your advantage. The jail that you are captured in is actually your friend. You can open it and the enemies can't, so you can throw knives at them from behind the safety of the barrier and they won't be wasted- you can pick them back up again. They won't become more dull either. Later on in the stage, you can utilize some stealth to trick guards into herding themselves together in a room full of explodable things by firing at the ground to create a bunch of noise, which they are alerted by. You don't even have to open the door, you can just shoot through the window!

Explosions do lots of damage and have good range. It'll take 10 well-placed headshots with any other weapon to kill a DLTK enemy. Not only does that require precise aim and take too long, that's too many bullets wasted, and you are in real danger of running out in DLTK mode. Instead, you need to learn how to lead enemies into explosions, farm grenades off of them, and even run right past them so far, they'll lose track of you. If you can complete DLTK levels without resorting to any Slaps, you're doing it right.

The enemies also have 100% Enemy Accuracy, so you need to learn how to mitigate it entirely. Enemies have aim and eyesight so poor, they can't see through barriers and even above open pits. Use this to your advantage. In addition to that, enemies will also have a hard time seeing you if you're crouching past them in an area full of obstacles. You most likely will have to deal with enemies at some point as they will follow you, but you can at least use this to gain a more advantageous position on them.

The Enemy Reaction Time? Don't worry- it's pretty glacial. Just stun-lock them with gunfire whenever other enemies are gaining or you have nothing else. Though there are some enemies with body armors on them already. They won't be stunned or thrown by explosions at all. You need to hide behind walls and make sure they can't get clear aim at you. Keep your distance so they can't reach you that easily. Make sure nobody is behind you. Make the most of explosives on these enemies as well, as they can at least clear the extra health granted by the body armors, even if it isn't visually represented that way.

Another thing is Control Styles. Use glitches involving Control Styles to your advantage (such as shooting in cutscenes). If you are more comfortable using the C-Buttons (On the N64 version, don't know if the Series will change this) then use them to move, then change the control style in the pause menu back to one that uses the Control Stick when you need to aim. After you're done aiming, change it back. You can also utilize partially opening doors and then quickly closing them to get some easy shots in, and the enemies won't bother doing something about it after seeing you there (because they likely can't and are dumb).

It will take you hundreds of hours to master DLTK. I don't just mean beat each level; I mean MASTER them. Learn plenty about the game's quirks and exploits, as well as polishing up your precision, and get the most optimized times you can muster.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing in any DLTK session isn't success- it's LEARNING. Experiment and fail faster. Try things that have never been done before.

If you have any questions or problems, contact an experienced Eliter on the subject. I would recommend Adam Bozon, Eric Liikala, Bryan Bosshardt, David Veach, or David Cliff. You may be able to find someone else... or keep on plugging away at figuring it out on your own.