Site Update 2 - 3rd August, 2014: Gameplay videos?

Started by KawaseFan, August 03, 2014, 01:59:05 PM

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As of 26th December, 2016, this thread is closed.  I don't expect any new comments relating to this thread since its last post was over two years ago, but if you do have a comment on an issue discussed in this thread, please post in the General Announcements and Suggestions Thread or create a new thread for that issue.

Original post:

Firstly, as far as recently added content.  In the past few weeks I've put up pages on various strategy guides, as well as the Umihara Kawase Soundtrack, although not all of these pages are complete.  I've also got pages on the Windows screensaver and Umihara Kawase Shun's bonus picture stand almost ready to go and hopefully up this week depending on how busy I am.  In the future I also plan to have pages for a few other things like the manga, the Umihara Kawase Soundtrack's bonus DVD, and the 'Kawase Perfect Book,' as well as thinking about how I would implement into the site information about media coverage of the series, as suggested by 海腹川背 in the previous site update thread.  I'm working on the "scout around for covers on doujin albums" part as well!

The other thought I've had, though, was whether to add gameplay videos of each game's fields.  I was specifically thinking of doing sort of a 'beginner's guide to' the games at this stage, just basic playthroughs of fields without doing anything too insane - in earlier fields, at least.  I'm undecided on whether I'd use YouTube or some other video host.  I would also like to offer download links so people can keep offline copies of videos - perhaps I should look into getting an account at MediaFire or something like that.


EDIT 5th August: If anyone gets any 403 Forbidden errors on the forum, please PM me with details of how it happened.

EDIT 23rd August: Pages for the Umihara Kawase Shun bonus picture stand and the manga, Umihara Kawase Volume 1, are up, as is the page for the artbook I previously referred to as the 'Kawase Perfect Book' - Umihara Kawase Shun 'zutto issho da ne...', or Umihara Kawase Shun 'together forever...'  If anyone thinks it would be better if I used the translated title as the page title, let me know.


Might just post a mini-update in this thread since it has no other replies.

Site Update 2.5: Forum member group simplifying?

The following pages have gone up since 23rd August: Umihara Kawase-san Saver, Umihara Kawase Soundtrack Extra Disc, the Umihara Kawase artbook and Stray Sheep volume 1.  Pages on Stray Sheep volumes 3 and 5 will be up in the near future, and there's also a small chance that I completely forgot to add a write-up for the Umihara Kawase Shun Strategy Guide Book and will fix that tomorrow.

Now, what I'd like to ask everyone - at the moment the member groups are set up with your rank and number of stars next to your posts according to post count, as is usual on forums.  (I know the images used are not actually stars, but that's what they call them in the forum settings)

I'd just like to ask if anyone would have a problem if I dropped the stars completely, and reduced the member groups to 'new member' (0-1 posts) and 'member' (2+ posts)?


I don't mind either way. I think forum rankings are kind of silly altogether.


Yeah, that's fine. Forum rankings make a bit more sense for larger communities, but for a group of people as small as the Umihara fanbase, they're not really that necessary.


Excellent, that's done now.  I decided to also get rid of the 'new member' group, not really much point having it.


I forgot to mention that I changed the forum settings for new members so that, after you post in a thread, you get taken back to your post rather than to the board thread list.  Any existing members who want this to happen for them too, you can change this by going to your profile, hovering over 'modify profile' and selecting 'look and layout', and checking the 'return to topics after posting by default' option.

I also just changed the number of posts per page in a thread from 15 to 100.

Edit 20th Oct: minor site menu changes and split the soundtracks off into their own dropdown menu.


Nothing major to tell, but it's worth mentioning I run this (admittedly small) Facebook fan page for Umihara and I gave this site a post.