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Shantae GBC Pro Tips

Started by Princess Rescuer, April 30, 2021, 08:05:30 AM

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Princess Rescuer

Shantae GBC, the original adventure of the titular heroine, recently released on the Switch. It's about time, seeing as the original GBC cartridge has gotten quite expensive. Personally, I think the game has its heart in the right place, but is heavily flawed and frustrating. New players expecting a fun platforming adventure will be harshly reminded that this is a game from the early 2000s. Expect to come across obtuseness, grindy gameplay, limited moves for much of the game, and lives that are easily lost, but difficult to get back. Hopefully, these Pro Tips will make your experience with what is otherwise an imaginative and ambitious game a bit more tolerable through its rougher parts. The caveat is, these Pro Tips require about as much patience as dealing with the game itself.

At the beginning of the game, you only need to grind a bit to have enough gems for the Dance Parlor. The first time it becomes nighttime, head back to Scuttle Town and start dancing. Obviously, picking the more challenging ones will earn you more gems. But don't pick one that's too difficult for you. It's better to gain gems slowly than to lose them.

Once you unlock Oasis Town, this is where the real money is made. The Gecko Chamber will be your best friend, as you bankrupt the citizens of Oasis Town in the Gecko Chamber. It is luck based, but the easiest and fastest way to make money in the game, and it becomes available after finishing the first dungeon and getting the first of four stones.

Play a full round of the Gecko Chamber and save each time you win. If you lose, just Reset. When you have at least 800 gems, the best items to buy for survival are Level 1 Vials and Cream. You will also want plenty of Pike Balls (and later, Fireballs). From Water Town, you will want to get the Cuff and Tiara (which you will have to make multiple trips for).

And finally, entering the second dungeon, you can keep on obtaining the same Extra Life at the end of the lava room with 3 lanterns. Buying Candies for 20 gems each will make this slightly faster. One more thing- there are various Warp Squids to collect. Make sure all of your first four go to Oasis Town. You will not be able to warp places unless you have four squids for a Town. The Gecko Chamber is inside the town and the second dungeon where you can easily obtain the 1-UP is nearest to it.

Of each item and 1-UP, you can have up to 99 of them, which is plenty for even the most incompetent players. And the option to buy more never goes away. Thanks to this egregious oversight, Shantae GBC will prove quite easy for anyone with patience.

These Tips won't tell you how to beat the game, but they sure will make sure you're well prepared.