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Trophies on Vita are dumb

Started by Princess Rescuer, February 10, 2021, 03:04:23 PM

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Princess Rescuer

It took me a while to post this due to not caring about trophies and being able to enjoy the games just fine not paying attention to them, but I think the trophies could have been better. Much better. Let me go over some of the trophies:

There are two trophies for failing. One for 20 times and one for 50 times. How are these supposed to reflect skill? Perseverance I suppose, but once you find these out, you can easily fail 50 times on purpose. And did I mention it has to be on the same field?

A trophy for watching all the tutorial videos. It would usually be the doing of a skilled player not to have to watch these.

A trophy for sharing a replay. Doesn't matter the quality of the replay. This one isn't challenging, just inconvenient.

In order to complete the trophies in the original game, all you need to do is complete the game once. You can do this on the Shortest Path and be done with it. No trophies for getting all 60 Golden Arrows though. There might as well have not even been trophies for the original game.

There's a trophy for listening to all the music after you unlock it. Don't know why.

Here's how I would have designed the trophies:

Getting All Unlocks and All Golden Arrows would have been all it takes to get all the trophies. Certainly no trophies that reward failing 50 times on the same field.

Possibly also add some for meeting certain time trial requirements, such as individual ones for clearing every Survival route in under 10 minutes or clearing all of them in a total of under 30 minutes or something.

Differentiate the characters so trophies can only be obtained by playing as Umi. It's too easy to use the advantages as it is.

Maybe even add in a Trophy for getting at least 100,000 points in the original? Maybe just 50,000? Maybe?

It just needs to be a test of skill and not random nonsense.


I dunno, I thought the 'die while holding a backpack' trophy was pretty cool.