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Umihara Kawase Shun Steam achievements

Started by Masada, October 25, 2020, 12:38:22 PM

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Hello everyone!
I recently decided to unlock all achievements in Umihara Kawase Shun (the steam version). I already had a bunch of those from playing the game again and again, so I took a look at the achievements I still had to unlock... One of those achievements, called "Tree Hugger", consists on having three birds land on body at the same time (which I suppose means having them land on Umihara's body). I knew that, if you stand still for a few seconds, one or two birds will come flying and land on your shoulder or your head or wherever, but I never seem to get more than two at a time. So my question is: Is there a specific spot in which you can get three birds to land on you or is it completely random? I don't think it's time based since I once ran out of time on a stage waiting for them to land on Umihara.

Oh, and another achievement I don't seem to get is the "Uplifting" one, which consists on travellling upwards 2 screens or more without touching the floor. What's the best stage to do this on?


From memory, I think I got the three birds landing at the same time somewhere around the starting area of field 20; and you can travel upwards without touching the floor on field 2 (more detailed path descriptions and map here).


Got the tree hugger achievement on field 20 as you said, on the yellow platform right next to the rock you start on. Still working on the uplifting one, but it should be just a matter of time until I get it. Thanks for the help!