Mechanics/Controls Differences

Started by Zera, July 30, 2020, 04:13:23 AM

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I'll be playing through the Umihara Kawase Trilogy on Steam. (I played Sayonara on 3DS before, but not the first two.)

Does this game let you use the bumpers for diagonal shots like Sayonara? There doesn't seem to be an option for it.
Also, are the mechanics/physics significantly different here?


I don't know for sure about the hook controls but there is an ingame menu for rebinding and some differences compared to the super famicom version namely less slowdown, an online leaderboards for times if that is your thing and a practice mode to replay levels that you have reached

edit; nope, no ingame way to bind the hook directions like in shun+. You might could use something like xpadder or antimicrox (for something completely free)