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Final Lap Twin Pro Tips
« on: June 19, 2020, 01:21:49 PM »
Final Lap Twin is the sequel to World Court Tennis. It is a very hard game that requires peak driving skills at every turn. Here's how you can dodge the potholes and bumps in the road to becoming World Champion!

First off, when walking to each next town, make sure you have multiple fuel tanks from different stores and make sure they are all full (one $100 refill will completely fill all of the ones you have in your inventory). Set your equipped one to the smallest tank, then swap it out when it's low on fuel, and you'll have fuel to burn that you won't need to micro-manage. If you have three of these (or just two later in the game), you will have more than enough on your trek to the next town and will not need to buy Bodies at all. Also, memorize which ones have the lowest amount so you can sell them first to buy the next ones. You can only have one of each type, but there's a way around this- you can just get them from multiple towns and even get multiple tiers from the same store.

Another way to save money in this game is to always have equal or better tires than motors most of the time. Having a motor that's too fast hinders your ability to turn, and running off track or into signs will slow you down. Some later tracks have many turns, so you will need to be prepared for tight turns as much as possible. You can make up for this using the strategy mentioned above that constantly carries multiple fuel tanks.

The final boss is not as difficult as he first appears. You can maintain a good pace by just driving well, hitting the ramps, and not hitting other cars or going off track. You can even save the majority of your turbos for the final lap as well.