Umihara Kawase: No Spawns

Started by Alc, May 30, 2020, 01:47:17 PM

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I've been messing around in Riverback, using it to remove enemy spawns. At first, perhaps optimistically, I tried it on a previous ROM hack that plays the game through the levels sequentially (so you play level 0, 1, 2, 3, etc). It got graphical corruption on fields 5 and 11. No surprises, The ROM has already been messed with and Riverback wasn't designed for it.

So I tried the same process on a standard Umihara Kawase ROM and it produces corruption on field 14 (and probably others afterwards). I've had two instances of Riverback open, one with field 14 on a standard ROM and one with field 14 on my altered ROM, and the only thing different is the level pointer. I've tried changing the enemy spawns back on level 14 just to check, but it makes no difference.

What's causing this? Can anyone lend a hand?


i cant give you a technical answer but i can say that i had that problem a lot and i mitigated it by exporting the offending levels and reimporting them through the menus. if that doesnt work you could try doing the same to a fresh rom