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World Court Tennis Pro Tips

Started by Princess Rescuer, May 13, 2020, 04:20:08 PM

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Princess Rescuer

World Court Tennis is a Tennis RPG for the Turbografx-16. It is a rather short RPG, but there are challenges throughout. You will need skill and strategy to get through this game. Here are some pro tips.

First off is that the Racket you get from Chicago is probably the best in the game. It doesn't hit as hard as other ones, but keeping the ball in play is much easier. Better rackets are better for saves from afar and general scoring, but they run the risk of hitting out more often. Not only will this racket save you much pain, but it is also inexpensive and will save thousands of gold throughout the playthrough.

Second is how to manage passwords. If you have a particular name you're attached to, the passwords might not save it properly. That, and passwords are generally a hassle. If you need to stop playing, just find a good, noiseless place to pause and leave the console on. It'll be fine.

Third, the Shirts. You may not need shirts early on when you are getting money but having an A shirt that dodges all encounters or a B shirt that almost does that and costs half as much is preferable. You may not even need to deal with a single encounter on the way to the Inner Tube.

Fourth, the Inner Tube. When visiting new towns or heading towards bosses, the Inner Tube can be used to go in the water and avoid unwanted encounters.