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Need help on Field 42

Started by FlashStep, November 14, 2019, 12:03:24 AM

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Hey guys, first post here. I started the game last week and i've been working my way through the levels. Some levels took me some time, had to learn some mechanics and strats and stuff...

Until field 42. Fuck this level. I tried it for hours and hours and I haven't even gotten past that middle swing part with the small blocks in between the ice once. I have no idea what to do. I've watched a couple videos and tried various things and I can't do any part of that consistently. Does anyone have any tips for this section? It's so damn hard


Hi FlashStep, welcome :)

Yeah, field 42 is definitely one of the hardest levels in the game...  Unfortunately, I don't think I really have an iron-clad strategy to help for this.  I'm not great at doing it consistently, but it's pretty much down to carefully swinging under the ice blocks and getting the timing right to hook onto the tiny points between them; probably what you've seen in the videos you've watched.

One thing that might help, after getting past the first ice block, is to have a small enough pendulum swing happening that, on the right side, your head ends up a little below the previous point you were hooked onto.  It should be a little more possible to get the right amount of swing over to the next point that way, though it's still really easy to not swing enough, or to give it too much momentum which could swing you more vertically and not enough horizontally. But I think you are less likely to get too much horizontal movement this way.  It's an incredibly awkward one because of the upward slope limiting how much you actually can swing.  It requires plenty of practise to get the right amount of control over how much to swing and the right timing for hooking on between the ice.

I can't really think of too much else to say besides practise, practise, practise...  Sorry if that doesn't seem too helpful -- I always feel like I'm not actually helping when I just suggest practising -- but I genuinely feel that practise and experience, leading to greater familiarity with and control over the swinging mechanics, is the key for someone to be able to master an Umihara Kawase game.

Best of luck!


Hey, thanks so much for replying to my post! I think your tips are quite helpful and I'll make sure I keep practicing while keeping them in mind. Its gonna be great when I clear it