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Best Western Players?

Started by Princess Rescuer, November 02, 2018, 11:42:08 AM

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Princess Rescuer

Umihara Kawase isn't known for being very popular or well played... anywhere, especially not in the West. Most players who are introduced to the series are stymied by how the controls work and can rarely beat the first boss in any game. Few have stuck to the game to understand it on its own terms. I am shocked that it hasn't caught on more in the U.S., which loves 2D platform games. I guess tadpoles are just that much of an obstacle huh?

Anyway, who are the best Western players? I might not be one of them due to only mastering one installment. Evaluate based on your own criteria.


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Princess Rescuer

Okay. What about rankings? I was expecting everyone to make a top # ranking list based on skill in every game. But short answers are fine.