Please explain Shun 2nd PS1 interface

Started by qmish, April 23, 2018, 06:59:45 PM

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Hi, i coudnt find any guide (only for DS version). Could you please tell me how PS1 version works? Firstly, how do you save, and do you have to start with Field 0 each time? Then, all those japanese menus in "replay" submenu, any translations?


Hi, the followings are the explanation of PS Archive version (running on PS Vita), but I think the behavior is the same as PS1 version (though not strongly confident).

Main Menu:
- START : Start from Field 0
- REPLAY : View replays
- PRACTICE : Play a single field (only those reached from START)

REPLAY Menu (while playing):
- Back(もどる) : Quit the menu
- Save(セーブする) : Save a replay
- Change a name(なまえをかえる) : Rename a saved replay
- Delete a file(ファイルをけす) : Delete a saved replay
- Abort(ちゅうだんする) : Abort playing

REPLAY Menu (from Main Menu)
- Back(もどる)
- Play(さいせいする) : Play a saved replay
- Save(セーブする)
- Change a name(なまえをかえる)
- Delete a file(ファイルをけす)

- Back(もどる) : Quit the menu
- Play(プレイ) : Play the field
- Load(ロード) : Load the system data
- Save(セーブ) : Save the system data
- Quit(おわる) : Back to Main Menu

The system data includes reached fields, best time of each fields and clear time ranking.
The system data is automatically loaded on startup time, but you need to manually save it.



I also forgot that you need to press "select" when you paused game with "start".