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What stage do you lose most of your runs to?

Started by Cyrene, August 22, 2017, 04:55:07 PM

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Right now, at least when I'm playing 3ds version, I always screw up a super long swing jump on stage 2. It's super frustrating, I think I have a better time with this stage on pc, but, it's been a while.

How about anyone else, what stages are you finding yourself tripping on?


Stage 2 tends to be where I mess it up, too, if I'm going for the stage 9 ending.

I've had a think about this and have many answers depending on which ending I'm aiming for, and there are a few obvious answers such as stage 33 (spike-land!) or stage 17 -- if I'm trying to clear it the fast way, there's a decent chance I'll mistime the swing up the side of the ice to the right of the exit.  Occasionally I'll mess up the timing for the first part of the stage, which at least got me a screenshot of Umihara riding a shark.

Another one that comes to mind that I have some trouble with is stage 37.  It doesn't matter how well I've been playing until then -- I will probably make some horrible mistake with my swinging underneath the platforms.  I seriously need to work on my technique for that stage.

Princess Rescuer

When I did Survival runs, I lost most of my runs to Field 18 trying to do that difficult spike skip. The conveyor belt after the spikes is slightly elevated, meaning many attempts could possibly hit the short wall with no chance to climb up on it. Discovering it for the first time was exciting and pulling it off consistently was even cooler. It's in three of the Survival routes (including Crab 2 and Tadpole 2) making it crucial. Losing a couple lives doesn't lose much time, but in an optimized run, you'll forgo picking up lives, making even one life loss devastating.