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Umihara Kawase / Re: Uku (Romhack)
« Last post by Combi~ringer on January 08, 2021, 05:29:17 AM »
Is this hack still online anywhere? The link say's it's expired, I'd love to try it out!
I don't have the original patch, but I can send you a patched ROM if you like. I'll do it through DMs - I don't want to post it publicly since that might be disrespectful to Canvas (and illegal).
Umihara Kawase / Re: Uku (Romhack)
« Last post by RetroBreak on January 07, 2021, 11:40:25 PM »
Is this hack still online anywhere? The link say's it's expired, I'd love to try it out!
Other Umihara Kawase Discussion / Re: Umihara Kawase-themed Rom Hacks of Other Games
« Last post by imgibbon on January 07, 2021, 09:09:07 PM »
Oh my goodness those are wonderful! ^_^

I guess I should go boot up a gfx editor heh
imgibbon! I liked your idea so much that I just cooked up some sprites! Just Kawase for now.

This image is upscaled, so don't download it. See the attachment!

I used her Shun design since I couldn't get a readable 3-color sprite for her SFC design. All of them are the same size as or smaller than the sprites they replace, and they use three colors: tan, brown, and blue, plus black for transparency.

I'll probably revisit them once I've sprited the rest of the game's graphics, since I'm now noticing problems as I post them, but they're done enough for now. Lemme know what you think!
Other Umihara Kawase Discussion / Re: Umihara Kawase-themed Rom Hacks of Other Games
« Last post by imgibbon on January 07, 2021, 07:14:43 AM »
Hmm, that's a good question.

Dig Dug 1 & 2 are NES titles and have limited pixels to work with, so you wouldn't be able to do a straight reuse of the prototype sprites

But you could probably do 8-bit approximations at the very least.

I figure you could swap Taizo for Kawase, obvs, but also the little dragon dudes for eels, and the red goggle boys for fish.

Not sure what else I'd change, really.
Umihara Kawase Shun / Lyrics of Sky Blue and Awakening Heartbeat
« Last post by Combi~ringer on January 06, 2021, 02:18:36 PM »
I couldn't find the lyrics to either of these songs anywhere on the English-speaking Internet, so I decided to post them myself! I hope that by making a thread here, anyone who wants to know the lyrics to these songs can more easily find them.

The Japanese lyrics are as they appear in the booklet that comes with the 2008 Umihara Kawase soundtrack release.

If there are any mistakes, please let me know. I also wasn't sure whether to put this in the Shun section or the Other Umihara Kawase Discussion section; please move it to the appropriate section if necessary.

Sky Blue
Lyrics: Sanzan Michiru (散々未散)
Composer: Atsuhiro Motoyama (本山淳弘)
Arranger: Atsuhiro Motoyama and Yuuji Ohki (本山淳弘) (大木 雄司)
Vocals: Manami Komori (小森 まなみ)

昨日みていた遠くの空 泳いでいた小さな雲が
うつむいているほっぺた くすぐるように今は通り過ぎる
少しずつ過ぎて行く季節が いつの間にか そう 思い出重ねて
ずっと信じている気持ちを 変わらずに抱きしめていたい
こんな澄んだ空の青さも 吸い込まれそうで見えなくなった

霞んでた夢本当は どんなときも忘れずにいたけど
思い出だけを遠くに 残したまま今は通り過ぎる
気がつけば真っ白な日差しが しんとした空に まぶしく響くよ
ずっと歩いていく明日も 変わらずに輝いて欲しい
こんな澄んだ空の広さも にじんでくようで見えなくなった

ずっと信じている気持ちを 忘れずに抱きしめていたい
きっと今日の空の青さを 忘れずに胸に刻んでゆくよ

kinou mite ita tooku no sora oyoide ita chiisana kumo ga
utsumuite iru hoppeta kusuguru you ni ima wa toorisugiru
sukoshi zutsu sugite iku kisetsu ga itsu no ma ni ka sou omoide kasanete
zutto shinjite iru kimochi o kawarazu ni dakishimete itai
konna sunda sora no aosa mo suikomaresou de mienaku natta

La La La La La*

kasundeta yume hontou wa donna toki mo wasurezu ni ita kedo
omoide dake o tooku ni nokoshita mama ima wa toorisugiru
ki ga tsukeba masshiro na hizashi ga shin to shita sora ni mabushiku hibiku yo
zutto aruite iku ashita mo kawarazu ni kagayaite hoshii
konna sunda sora no hirosa mo nijindeku you de mienaku natta

zutto shinjite iru kimochi o wasurezu ni dakishimete itai
 kitto kyou no sora no aosa o wasurezu ni mune ni kizande iku yo

Awakening Heartbeat
Lyrics: Miho Fujiwara (藤原 美穂) (Pas de chat)
Composer: Atsuhiro Motoyama (本山 淳弘)
Arranger: Masahito Nakano (中野 雅仁) (Pas de chat)
Vocals: Manami Komori (小森 まなみ)

改札を抜けるのも 久しぶりの駅
夕べから降り続いてた 雨が止んだ街角
どこかで見たような 背中を見つけて
急に立ち止まった あの日の記憶巻き戻してる


思い出が目を覚ましてる 今は違う空の下で
ときめきが目を覚ましてる ショウウインドゥさえ気になる

歩くたびゆらゆらと 揺れるイヤリング
唄い出すあの歌 なぜか途中思い出せない
あんなにも 好きだったはずのメロディーが
ネガをなくした写真みたい とても信じられない

レインコートの袖 握りしめ

思い出が目を覚ましてる あの日はつらかったことも
不思議 胸がくすぐったくて微笑みに変わる
ときめきが目を覚ましてる 素敵な予感のする道
きっと何かが 待ってるはず

※ Repeat

Ooh, ooh, make my dreams come true*


kaisatsu o nukeru no mo hisashi buri no eki
yuube kara furitsuzuieta ame ga yanda machikado
dokoka de mita you na senaka o mitsukete
kyuu ni tachidomatta ano hi no kioku makimodoshiteru

hajimete no HIIRU [heel] no SANDARU [sandal] de
umaku arukenakatta
dareka ni oitsukou to shiteta

omoide ga me o samashiteru ima wa chigau sora no shita de
sukoshi tooku made arukeru kutsu mo katta kedo
tokimeki ga me o samashiteru SHOUUINDOU [show window] sae ki ni naru
kyou wa motto kirei ni mieru DORESU o kudasai

aruku tabi yurayura to yureru IYARINGU [earring]
utaidasu ano uta nazeka tochuu omoidasenai
anna ni mo sukidatta hazu no MERODII ga
nega o nakushita shashin mitai totemo shinjirarenai

REINKOOTO [raincoat] no sode nigirishime
hontou no koto iezu ni
yuugure dake o miokutteta

omoide ga me o samashiteru ano hi wa tsurakatta koto mo
fushigi mune ga kusuguttakute hohoemi ni kawaru
tokimeki ga me o samashiteru suteki na yokan no suru michi
kitto nanika ga matteru hazu

※ Repeat

Ooh, ooh, make my dreams come true*

egao o kudasai
*This line does not appear in the lyrics from the soundtrack booklet.

Thanks to Fuukanou of for corrections.
That's an adorable idea. Would you make new sprites or use the sprites from the prototype?
Umihara Kawase Fresh! / Re: Umihara Kawase Fresh getting a Steam release in late May
« Last post by KawaseFan on January 04, 2021, 02:46:59 PM »
I get that this is "licencing weirdness" issue rather than direct incompetence, but even so, yikes...

Yeah, it's an unfortunate situation for them, but they really would've been better off not bothering with the English release.
Umihara Kawase Fresh! / Re: What are your opinions on Fresh?
« Last post by KawaseFan on January 04, 2021, 02:34:46 PM »
Firstly, just to be clear, I absolutely do not recommend the PC version.

Fresh's physics are mostly similar to Sayonara's, and Fresh is probably an easier game overall than Sayonara, especially with the health bar -- the really hard stuff seemed to be saved for the challenge mode (which, in all honestly, I did not bother finishing).  I just find it hard to recommend Fresh in this case because, even if it's not a bad game, I didn't like it as much as the older games, and I wouldn't really feel great about recommending it for practicing purposes if it turns out you don't really like it as much either.

(If anyone else has anything to add or a different opinion, feel free to post that.)
Other Umihara Kawase Discussion / Umihara Kawase RPG Maker Games
« Last post by RetroBreak on January 04, 2021, 09:02:43 AM »
I saw that there was an Umihara RPG Maker MV asset pack, does anyone know of any games made using them? I tried having a look online but all I could find was links back to the pack it’s self... Would be really cool to see what people ended up using them to make!

Here’s a link to the pack on steam:
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