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The put up what is purportedly the first in a series of short gameplay overview videos
Here is the Japanese eShop link if you want to see details of the game:

Here is a tweet from the Success account confirming the custom engine used for the game is derived from the engine for Umihara Kawase Fresh:
Just got around to taking pics of my Shun artbook. This one has more assets used in-game (since they were all hand-drawn) and also storyboards for the various cutscenes (and a commercial for the game), but there is still some original art.
I've ordered this for proper scanning. I'll post here when it's up.
They posted the gameplay video 15 hours ago:
I'm probably misremembering but I noticed the spring hook is being shot out much faster than in Umihara Kawase Fresh as was mentioned in a tweet from Studio Saizensen that I posted here earlier.
A few things.

The voice actor of the character Aaurae Mawkish is Madoka Hiraide:

There will be a gameplay video showing off the skills you can do in the game on Wednesday April 7th 2021:

The Studio Saizensen Twitter account tweeted that the rubber ring movement performance of the spring wire in Myastere is 1.8 times higher than in... What I assume they are comparing to is Umihara Kawase Fresh:

They posted a link to a portion of the BGM (The main theme) that wasn't played during their promotional video of Myastere. Link:

And now the official site has an English webpage:

I'm excited for it! Looks like it's in the Fresh engine again and is clearly reusing the same general "fantasy kingdom with a rift that's letting out miasma and demons" setup, though to be fair it wasn't the most original setting in the world to begin with heh. Love the look.
Really excited to give it a go, and not too long to wait. Do we know exactly who's working on it?

I don't know. There's also an official Twitter account for the game so maybe if they link any interviews from outlets like Famitsu then maybe it might reveal some people who are working on it.

Official Twitter account for the game:
Oh wow! Thanks for posting this here man.

Really excited to give it a go, and not too long to wait. Do we know exactly who's working on it?

That price is a lot more reasonable than Fresh, too.
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