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I'd actually be a bit surprised if it doesn't have some form of extra content -- even if it just includes the classic levels that are planned to be DLC for the Switch version.
I'd just like to have all three (now four) games on the same console. Preferably a Playstation due to the controller and target audience. Physically if you can.
Okay, thank goodness it's coming to PS4 and not waiting for PS5. Any news of enhanced content?

I highly doubt that a small publisher and studio were going to wait... For the PS5 to release a port of a niche game.

I also highly doubt there's any enhanced content, it made sense for Sayonara Umihara Kawase+ because they had to port a game from the 3DS which used two screens Vs the Vita which used one screen. That same Vita game was directly ported to Steam (PC) without any enhancements on top of that.

Okay, thank goodness it's coming to PS4 and not waiting for PS5. Any news of enhanced content? What about the previous games?

I'll probably still get it for a discounted price. Digitally.
Here's the tweet from Success confirming that:

Note that they're just renting booth space from Konami, it's not confirmation of who is publishing the game.

I should also mention this was known to likely happen a long time before the game launched on Switch, here's the tweet which said they would look at porting the game to other platforms after Switch launch but that it would take 6 months to do the porting work:
But the thing is Umihara Kawase never was trending.  The series has always been very niche, with independently developed titles.  That's always been part of the charm of the series.  Watching this series survive from developer to developer and produce varied releases on numerous different consoles.  The history of Umihara Kawase and her survival in the game world is about as interesting as the games are.

With Umihara Kawase featured in more titles, titles with a global market, and getting a full release on a popular console I would suggest that she's probably the most well known she's been since the GameCenter CX episode featuring the Super Famicom title.  More eyes than ever before are getting a chance to discover a series that has managed to stay afloat for 20 years.

There's always been blips of people learning about the title with each release.  There was when Yumi's Odd Odyssey came out, there was when Sayonara Umihara Kawase+ came out on the PSVita, and there was when they released a trilogy of titles on Steam, and then re-released them after Agatsuma Entertainment folded.  There will always be blips of people learning about her, and falling in love with the titles and coming along for the ride or moving onto something else when they tire with it. 
If this new formula can consistently sell, I stand corrected. If Fresh is still being played years later, I stand corrected. Right now, I don't see people buying or playing it NOW, let alone years from now.

I'm not really a big fan of Umihara anymore, and it doesn't seem to be a trendy thing to discover anymore. These new games aren't helping. I doubt DLC classic stages with the changed formula will bring anyone back either.
lmao are you serious?

I could pick apart your complaints, but you clearly have a strong opinion about the game and that's fine. Just don't go around claiming stuff about what "we" and what "the general audience" wants. That's not a good way to argue because you can't claim that.
I was hoping for a new installment that would hypercharge the formula. Maybe 100 fields this time, 6 bosses (2 puffer fish) and more of what we like. This game has elements of being decent, but it's just not what I want from Umihara. Maybe if it were called something different and were changed to fit that, it wouldn't be so bad. But as an Umihara game, it does not meet my expectations.
you have a health meter as well as the ability to pause and eat healing items you will never run out of

I don't have an issue with the health bar at all; in fact, I'd say Fresh would be a far worse game without it.  Can you imagine having to do large quests (think some of the later-game quests, though it sounds like you didn't make it that far) where one hit kills you?  Maybe if you like the idea of a one-hit-kill mode -- I'm sure some people would -- but certainly not for regular play.  That said, the hunger bar was totally unnecessary.

Using the control stick is annoying too. This is more of a Switch criticism than a criticism of the game. There are NO official controllers compatible with current Switch games (that aren't the old NES ones) used to control an Umihara game properly.

I feel this is more a criticism of Studio Saizensen and/or Success for choosing to develop Fresh for the Switch.  I love the Switch as a game system, but the joy-con buttons and the pro controller's awful d-pad made it a bad choice for Fresh.  The Switch Lite might help, as long as its d-pad isn't based on the pro controller's, but that obviously doesn't help owners of the original Switch.

I would say this game is more damaging to the series than the PSP one

I dunno, I'd take an average but functioning game over a broken mess any day.
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