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Umihara Kawase Shun / Re: Umihara Kawase Shun Time Attack Competition Thread
« Last post by on October 20, 2017, 03:07:59 PM »
It's very hard. I climb it up, too. :'(
49.40 of Mr. akira seems to climb it up, too. (It is 49.78 in the best time of Mr. akira.)

The following becomes the aim to break off an escalade.
・Build a beginning as low as possible.
・Build next over the right as much as possible.
・Work by weight movement to the right after getting nervous perpendicularly.

But one really difficult afterwards. Because speed appears, coping of the fish is difficult.

"The last lure brakes" were very effective to update thyme.
Umihara Kawase Shun / Re: Umihara Kawase Shun Time Attack Competition Thread
« Last post by texh on October 19, 2017, 09:40:29 PM »
Thereby I give up on F29 (not so much the right door though), the left door is pretty damn difficult not gonna lie.

One question, I think could help me with this but when it comes to F35 is there anything to keep in mind when trying to get to the yellow platform above without grabbing? I've managed to do so twice but it was nothing more than a stroke of luck. (I was so surprised to get there without grabbing the fish killed me afterwards anyway)

This is the platform I'm talking about
Off-Topic / Re: What other games do you like / have you been playing?
« Last post by Canvas on October 12, 2017, 12:45:00 PM »
CSGO is majorly popular, but Quake isn't a twitch shooter like CSGO which is where I feel it falls short. There is so much of an emphasis on items rather than aim, you can hit 100 percent of your shots and still lose if the enemy manages to have better items than you. The mods Team Fortress and Rocket Arena "fixed" this, they made item control secondary or nonexistent. Quake Live officially considers Rocket Arena a gametype with Clan Arena, and that is all anyone plays (other than a bastard child of ffa/freezetag where, you guessed it, players spawn with all weapons) because they don't want Quake they want a twitch shooter like CSGO. True people who play a lot of duels are good at dueling, but I think that is just because they learn skills that most fps games don't teach you. Those experienced players have shortcomings of their own which a new player who just expected a twitch shooter wouldn't understand and that would frustrate them. A great Quake player could play a game such as Blood or Painkiller online and do well is my proof of this, they would be able to apply their skills to maps they have never even played before. Players just give up too easily, item control is an abstract concept and hard to understand because it is not first nature like twitch shooting, you have to actually take time to learn it. The players remaining aren't even very good they just have some grasp that gives them a huge advantage over a player with no idea how to play. I got into Quake (specifically Quake Live) around four years ago while I was 16, but I played nothing but Clan Arena. After three and a half years I still couldn't play duels, but after three days of simply playing a botmatch in Quake 3, focusing on timing items, I learned how important it was, and suddenly I could win most matches I played and at least contest in the others. I am not the best but it isn't hard to get into. I hope more players give it a chance and don't just think the only people left are Cypher and HAL9000
Off-Topic / Re: What other games do you like / have you been playing?
« Last post by Alc on October 10, 2017, 09:24:34 PM »
These days I'm not that fussed with most first-person shooters, but I imagine there's still a scene for twitch-based shooters (CS:GO is still pretty popular, right?), but time has not been kind to early 3D games and without my nostalgia goggles Quake would probably be no exception - it was a bit inconsistent aesthetically, with the mishmash of sci-fi and dark fantasy. To an 18-year-old today I'd guess it looks a mess. Add in that you need a source port and presumably still an understanding of IP addresses for servers, etc. and it's actually kind of amazing that anyone's still playing it regularly at all.

I'm surprised to hear it's more dead in the US than in Europe though, would've assumed that was the other way around. And yeah, back ten years ago everyone was playing game mods, including TF, which I never cared much for either. It makes sense, nobody's going to regularly play DM1-6 on rotation forever, but for someone like me who just wanted to relive the good old days it was not particularly satisfying (and god help you if you did play someone on one of the regular DM levels, they'd been so thoroughly mastered by anyone still playing that there was hardly any point).
What does it say? Are we sure this isn't just a port of Sayonara?

It says "[Kawase silhouette] Shirizu saishin saku" or "latest work [in the Kawase] series" if you move the words around a bit.
What does it say? Are we sure this isn't just a port of Sayonara?
Off-Topic / Re: What other games do you like / have you been playing?
« Last post by Canvas on October 05, 2017, 03:14:08 AM »
Last I checked Quake gets some players on the weekend but really only for mods such as Team Fortress which I rather dislike. In Europe though you are right, you might always see some match going but for US you would only be so lucky as to get anything going. You can sit in a duel server for two hours and not ever get a game going, I think people just dislike the gametype now
Sayonara Umihara Kawase / Re: What stage do you lose most of your runs to?
« Last post by Princess Rescuer on October 05, 2017, 01:46:27 AM »
When I did Survival runs, I lost most of my runs to Field 18 trying to do that difficult spike skip. The conveyor belt after the spikes is slightly elevated, meaning many attempts could possibly hit the short wall with no chance to climb up on it. Discovering it for the first time was exciting and pulling it off consistently was even cooler. It's in three of the Survival routes (including Crab 2 and Tadpole 2) making it crucial. Losing a couple lives doesn't lose much time, but in an optimized run, you'll forgo picking up lives, making even one life loss devastating.
Off-Topic / Re: What other games do you like / have you been playing?
« Last post by Alc on September 30, 2017, 05:16:25 PM »
I played through Dark Souls 3 first and loved it, and then I picked up Dark Souls 2 and hated it. It might have something to do with the atmosphere not being so comfortable. I wasn't addicted to the actions, probably because I had my share of addiction back with Monster Hunter (P3?) on PSP. I'll try Dark Souls 1 later, see how it works.
My guess is that you won't like it either, since it's even more clunky mechanically and more obtuse in its level design. If you've got access to a PS4 I'd recommend Bloodborne as it's much closer to DS3 than any of the other Souls games are.

Quake is arguably my favorite game.
Definitely up there for me too! I dread to think how many hour I spent playing that game as a teenager. Lots of LAN parties. We played a lot of Quake Rally and the skate/snowboarding mod (the name escapes me now). It was a surprisingly versatile engine.

there are no footsteps
Technically not, but as I'm sure you remember players make grunting noises when they hit the ground from a relatively small height. I used to be able to tell where people were in some levels, DM4 in particular, pretty reliably just from sound alone... and then put grenades on tele exits, then spawn points, and then none of your friends want to play Quake DM with you any more. Later dipped my toe into the world of Quake online and realised that actually, no, I wasn't that good at Quake DM. The people on there were nuts.

Last I checked in the Russians were still playing it pretty solidly and both QuakeWorld and Netquake were still somewhat active, but I guess in retrospect it was clear it was dying. Would've been about a decade ago so no big surprise.

Lot of love for Doom as well, but never got into multiplayer in the same way. Still love blasting through the first episode, still remember all the secrets. Another one I'd rather not know how many hours I spent playing as a kid...
Off-Topic / Re: What other games do you like / have you been playing?
« Last post by Canvas on September 27, 2017, 08:49:21 AM »
Quake is arguably my favorite game. It is a first person shooter with cool enemies, great movement which makes getting around fun, satisfying weapons, and my favorite arena shooter mechanics. I think singleplayer is great, in fact Quake 1 is my third favorite singleplayer fps (first being Doom, second going to Descent), but as I have gotten better, multiplayer has become a much more fun experience to me. The sequels are great too but so much changed from Quake 1/World to Quake 3/Live that both are worth a try. For example, the first Quake game had air control, which was only very recently readded with Quake Champions to specific characters which my toaster cannot run. The first game did not have weapons such as the rail gun, which I actually rather like because railgun slowed the pacing of games. There are other small changes too such as how items work, armor for example does not stack, each different colored armor blocks a percentage of damage (red armor will not only give you 200 armor, but protect against 4/5ths of all incoming damage, while green armor will only give 100 armor and protect against 3/10ths), mega refuses to start the respawn counter until the holder completely loses it, there are no footsteps or crouching to slow the game down, and so on. As I have mentioned level design is tighter, the only bad part about this is spam is a very viable option outside of maybe dm6. Anyways all of this and more are why I love Quakeworld. For singleplayer I recommend the source port Quakespasm, while for multiplayer(ded) I recommend nQuake. Since multiplayer is dead you will have to compromise in which case I recommend you play Quake Live or Champions as both have a decent playerbase by arena shooter standards

Civilizations Revolution is easily my favorite turn based strategy. It is exclusive to consoles, and it's sequel is pretty much the exact same game but exclusive to phones instead, with no option to sell units or multiplayer as far as I know. It IS casualized compared to pc Civ, but in my opinion only things I found frustrating were removed, such as revolts, starvation, units disbandoning, workers in general, tile attributes affecting movement, things I am not sure why are in any of the games to start with. I consider many things exclusive to this title great improvements; roads can be instantly built rather than spend 50 turns building roads one tile at a time (obviously the price being gold, don't worry there aren't even microtransactions in the mobile game i dont think, this is ingame), roads count as a single movement square whereas in pc Civ they usually just make you move twice as far (this is significant at much further distances), if a unit can move two tiles it can do that over ANY tile yes that includes mountains there are no movement debuffs, and thats ONLY touching on movement. The actual level generation is tighter than other Civ titles which contributes to this speed, no managing food/gold means you can specialize cities which makes the game even faster and riskier, for reference a game of Civilizations 5 could last 30+ hours, while at most Revolutions will go on for 4 hours. The UI is easier to understand, the controls are great, the rules are so much more simple, I love it. This game isn't perfect however, obviously it isn't on my main platform which sucks, and on Xbox 360 the game has horrible slowdown late game. Not only that, but the Xbox version has very, very long animations, and this makes the game unfun online as you will find you wont be able to manage your cities if you happen to be winning as 60 second timer is not enough. The DS port does not have this animation or slowdown issue (if you have a DS i recommend this its a great port with great controls, if you don't i wouldn't bother emulating as its a pain in the ass without the touch screen) and the mobile sequel Revolutions 2 doesn't suffer from slowdown at least (you can also emulate android which this plays okay mouse and keyboard, i prefer controller but anyways, bluestacks sucks with ads but is the best option you really have as far as playing this on PC, the others emulators are even worse). Finally the one feature I absolutely miss is the ability to destroy my cities, as often they are pretty bad and you don't want them dragging you down which bad cities definitely will.

These are really the only two games other than Umihara Kawase of course that I feel strongly about, I like them both a lot and highly recommend them to anybody
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